Open Conference Systems UPS, CIIEE 2017

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Andrés Larco, Vanessa Almendáriz, Sergio Luján-Mora

Última modificación: 2017-03-13


This document explains how a web application was made to measure the IQ of people with intellectual disabilities, for the management of the development was used the Prototype Development and for the design of the application was used User Experience Design. Because it allows to create the application using the user as part of the development team, and with that, an application was obtained that comes closer to the reality of the solution of the problem.


Doing a test with a person with an intellectual disability had the following problems: was stressed with some questions, was distracted with the device, could not handle the application very well, this led us to the conclusion that the application had to have another approach of who is aimed at the application.


The conclusion was that people with intellectual disabilities have different needs and limitations so that their IQ can not be measured with a normal scale like Raven, other scales have to be used with Zazzo or WISC III. Moreover, it has to do so through interaction Therapist, application and person with intellectual disability to obtain optimal results.


Conducting the tests with the therapists discovered are an important element in measuring the IQ of people with intellectual disabilities because they create an environment of trust with people with intellectual disabilities. So it was concluded that the application needs to be A tool for therapists, which automates the IQ measurement process using the Zazzo and WISC III scales.